Clan Interview - MEH

JoBildo: Let’s get the courtesies out of the way first. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. It’s always great to get to know one of clans a bit more.

MEH: Well thanks for having us, very much a privilege to be the first AOC guild to be interviewed.

JoBildo: Don’t mention it. Paulie Shore’s clan was busy, so we went with you guys instead. Tell us (that is the entire world) a little bit about MEH.

MEH: MEH is a European guild, we will be located on a PvP server in Age of Conan. We pride ourselves on skillful members instead of just “zerging” tactics. We formed in December 2007 and were created exclusively for AOC.

JoBildo: How would you guys classify yourselves? Are you a tight-knit role-play clan, a PvP clan…?

MEH: We are a PvP and PvE guild. Our Battlekeep will be our main priority however we will raid PvE Instances (3 nights a week). We want to have the fun aspect of gaming as well, I wouldn’t classify us as hardcore, but more as semi-hardcore.

JoBildo: Semi-hardcore… like the Cinemax of Clans then? Well, do you feel like sharing how the Clan’s run? What’s the leadership like, and how do you guys delegate authority? Basically, are you more Hitler or more Gandhi?

MEH: Well the Guild leader (me) and then I currently have 3 officers, all with different experience, and skills that they bring to the role. Any major decisions are decided as a vote among the officers and myself. After launch we will be bringing in 2 more officers.

JoBildo: How many MEH-mites are there currently in your Clan?

MEH: Currently we have just gone over the 100 members mark. We have had an open recruitment policy allowing anyone in the guild. I personally decided this back when I formed the guild. I prefer to judge a member’s skill and personality whilst in game and in Ventrilo so the trial period for members is a very important time.

JoBildo: That sounds pretty standard. It’s always a good thing to screen members… smacktards are never fun to deal with. Now, it’s a pretty popular thing in terms of guilds and clans to host events on their respective servers. Is that something MEH ever does?

MEH: MEH currently has no plans for such events, if any was to occur in the future they would most likely be based around the PvP mini-games.

JoBildo: Fair enough! You guys are recruiting for new members, can you tell us what exactly it takes to become one of the MEH-mites? What’s required of a prospective member?

MEH: As stated above MEH currently has an open recruitment policy, however as we move forward and are looking for specifics we look for members will the following attributes:

  • Skill - We expect members of MEH to be a certain skill level, this includes knowledge of every factor of your chosen class, knowledge of the surroundings and tactical awareness.
  • Determination - MEH requires members to be determined to reach the goals set by the guild. Whenever a member gets knocked down they are expected to get back up ready to fight, ready to win!
  • Dedication - MEH is an end game guild, and to participate within the ranks of the guild there is the expectation that you have dedication to the cause. Activity on the forums and Ventrilo and in game are all expected.
  • Attitude - There are many forms of attitude that MEH expects from its members. These include such things as the ability to take criticism, working as part of a team and many more.
  • Maturity - This guild is founded on maturity and respect. We do not have a minimum age, as the maturity is dependent on the person’s character and not on the date of their birth certificate.

JoBildo: Well that last one pretty much counts me out. Thanks so much guys for taking the time to answer these questions and letting the community know everything they could want to know about MEH. It’s been a pleasure.

MEH: It’s been great mate, thanks for showcasing MEH on such an established site! We’re looking forward to launch. Peace out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016