Opening Statement: Veritas Aequitas, on Doomsayer server, (pronounced VAIR-ee-tahs EYE-kwee-tahs) is a group of friends who like to joke around and have fun playing, but at the same time be serious about end game content and the success of the guild.

Recruitment: Currently recruiting for all classes, but mostly people who are level 30+ or plan on playing 30+ hours per week.

PvP: 24/7

Role-playing: No

Alt Policy: Alts are allowed into the guild but will not likely be taken on raids.

Inactivity Policy: If a reason is given or an officer is notified ahead of time then it is okay. If someone disappears for multiple month with no reason though, they likely will be removed from the guild. Also, if one goes inactive for a long period of time they may have their spot taken over in raids if they fall behind in gear.

Communication: We use ventrilo.


We do not want: To be normal. We want to be one of the premier guilds in the game. We want to be feared in the hearts of our enemies and to stand side by side conquering the battlefield with our allies. We want everyone who plays Age of Conan to know the name- Veritas Aequitas.

Recruitment Information: LINK

Veritas Aequitas Clan Soup Interview

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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