Welcome to the 10th Issue of Clan Soup, all my (presumably now playing) Hyborians! Let's get the technical stuff out of the way to begin. I want to start by taking a moment to remind everyone that we're always accepting new members into our cabinet of ingredients.

To sign up for Clan Soup, send an e-mail titled "Clan Soup Registration" to jobildo at ten ton hammer dot com with the following contents:

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  • A few sentences about your Clan

Those few things will get you all geared up for the wondrous world of awesomeness that is Clan Soup, so don't just sit there... get that e-mail sent! You can read up on all that Clan Soup's about here.

And now, it's my pleasure to introduce to you our newest members.

New Members of the Soup

Tainted Souls - Clan Website

Tainted Souls is an endgame raiding guild created back in 2004 on Bloodhoof EU for World of Warcraft (Since the beginning we have been the leading Horde guild there). This is our Age of Conan branch created for everyone who has the same mindset as us and wants to enjoy the game to it's fullest.We will most likely be launching on a PvE server situated in Europe.

Our goals for the launch of AoC is to make a strong guild which targets both PvE and PvP high endgame alike.At the moment we have 85 members with an average age of over 30. We welcome everyone who wants to enjoy a friendly guild environment comprised of mature people who thrive of ambition to see and do everything AoC has to offer. At the moment we have a strong base of experienced raiders who are thirsty for what Hyboria has to offer but we welcome people who also want to enjoy a more casual gameplay or the competitive nature of the Border Kingdoms.

Anvil of Crom - Clan Website

PvP Clan two levels of membership for the casual and hardcore gammer. Fun oriented but winning is fun and that comes with team work! Easy membership, apply at our forums.

Scions of Fate - Clan Website

Although we are a small clan now we have big plans that will require allot more members. Our main plan is to hold multiple raids everyday so day no matter your work hours you can find a timeslot to play with your friends and fellow guild mates. We have given an interview over at the AOCVault site found here. We are a PVE guild but we also plan to PVP. And we have decided on the Wiccana Server. You must be 16 years or older to Apply. We are mainly a US guild but we welcome anyone overseas. Several members are military so we welcome and encourage any military players to join. We also have a recruitment video that can be seen on our homepage of our site.

Crimson Revenge - Clan Website

Crimson Revenge is a family oriented gamers guild. Its sole purpose is to create a home that provides a safe and fun enviornment for its members to play games, have fun and make new friends.
Crimson Revenge believes in promoting out of game friendships. Getting to know the person behind the screen is an important part of creating a more enjoyable playing experience.

We are a mature group of players and our guild has over 5 years of history in various games, and our guildmasters have experience dating back to Ultima Online Beta test. We are openly recruiting and have plans to be in the Age of Conan for a long time to come.

Weekly Clan News

Aegis of the Keep - Well things are picking up for us we have 65 members now, elections going on for counil members, we have pve and pvp representatives within the council and a chancellor to run the council. A lot of us are gearing up for the early access and are looking forward to it. We decided to go to a pve server as we see pvp and rp-pvp just being a gank fest. A few of us have been in pvp beta and open beta reports coming back were as we thought it is gank fests. As far as in game helpers we are just about covered for any aspect of the game.

Question of the Week

This week, I asked the Clans...

What are your plans for the upcoming launch of Age of Conan?

Some Soup members are in on the Early Access action that came this past Saturday, and others will be adventuring into Hyboria this coming Tuesday, but I think it's safe to say that all are excited. Here are some of the answers we got.

Clan Optera - Our goals for launch included getting our guild established officially in game, which required the creator to be level 20 in game. As one of the premier guilds in Age of Conan, we were able to accomplish this on the Cimmeria server, which has been a great community so far.

Aside from that, we hope to have a whole lot of fun during launch, explore all of the intricacies of our chosen classes and get to know some friendly people on our server. To celebrate, we are hosting a contest in our forums: allowing the community to vote on the best guide, essay, story or other contribution. At the end of June, the composer of the highest-rated content will receive a sealed Collector's Edition of Age of Conan. We will continue this contest in perpetuity, with prizes such as AoC Time Cards, Amazon.com Gift Certificates, and Book and DVD Prize Packs being awarded for the highest-rated content each month.

We hope to meet up with you on Cimmeria, as our guilds and community start to grow and flourish.

Vigor Mortis - We have decided that its no use getting wasted when we should be playing
early access, so we are going out the 16th to do some nifty BBQing and
drinking down by the sea. As for the 17th, we simply plan on chilling in
ventrilo lvling like crazy little Chinese monkeys.

Tainted Souls - Well at the moment we stand at roughly 90 members with different schedules and even some who couldn't get EA. So our primary goal is for me to get to 20 as fast as i can (beta helped with that) , create the guild on that same night if possible and start gathering the masses. We want to be able to start gathering our resources for a guild town and keep asap so it will be quite a race until we can lay back and start enjoying the game.

Teutonic Interdiction - Our goals when it all gos down? To mass murder everyone standing in our way! No quarter for the enemies of Teutonic Interdiction! Your either with us, or against us. We will be recruiting like crazy once the game drops and will be lvling as fast possible in order to get our guild situated. We are looking to get a guild city / battle keep ASAP, and to be on top when it comes to PVP. If you like PVP and love ganking people, join us! Fill out an app and well get with you asap! We love the smell of death in Hyboria!

Sanguiphoria - Sanguiphoria's first goal is to have fun. Our second goal is to get the guild created.

Last night after the servers came up we had 50 plus people in our guild vent and we were all having a blast. We have paused our recruiting for the moment as we have over 130 active members. At this point into the game it is time to sit back, relax, and play the game. In another week after we have some guild feedback we may open our recruiting back up depending on any needs that may come up.

Brotherhood of the Spider -

Joabe: Launch plan for day 1: (PST)

  • 8 am - read all updated material on our own 5 star wiki
  • 9 am - log on to vent and get with groups
  • 10 am - Let the fatalities begin!
  • 12 pm - Kill more stuff, do more quests, eat a protein bar, open first beer
  • 4 pm - off the island, kill more stuff, some chop down trees
  • 6 pm - hands hurt from chopping wood and decapitating my enemies, but beer #10 eases the pain
  • 7 pm - wife arrives with pizza and more beer
  • 8 pm - Kill, Kill, Kill. Quest, quest, quest. Chop, skin, mine.
  • 12 pm - Other people wondering where the hell all these "Brotherhood of the Spider" came from.

WulfRock - Domination, we plan to dominate the server and get world firsts on everything possible. We have organized ourselves so we can maximize our leveling efficiency and at the same time have a whole lot of fun doing it. WE have a good group of players who are motivated and eager to accomplish this goal. We will be playing on Omm Server so if any other guild is up for a friendly challenge then we would welcome that wholeheartedly!

Kite - World domination..or atleast on the server. I really believe games (yes mmorpgs are games) should be played for fun so while focusing on helping the guild progression on the server I'm going to take my time playing, enjoy the game and the time and effort the developers actually put in the game.

Cleaning Up

That's it for this week folks. It was a light one thanks to (I'm assuming) a certain game's pre-order release. Just a hunch. Remember to check back on Friday for the next clan interview: The Old Timers Guild! And just think all you have to do to have your clan highlighted is sign up to be a member of Clan Soup!

We're always accepting new members and all you have to do is follow the instructions found on this page. And don't forget to check out the Clan Registry to get a look at all the clans in one heaping mound of goodness! It's changing every week, so go take a look!

Until next time, eat well fellow Hyborians!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016