Welcome to the 11th Clan-tastic issue of Clan Soup, my head-slicing Hyborians! As always, please allow me a moment to go through some motions. I want to start by taking a moment to remind everyone that we're always accepting new members into our cabinet of ingredients.

To sign up for Clan Soup, send an e-mail titled "Clan Soup Registration" to jobildo at ten ton hammer dot com with the following contents:

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  • A few sentences about your Clan

Those few things will get you all geared up for the wondrous world of awesomeness that is Clan Soup, so don't just sit there... get that e-mail sent! You can read up on all that Clan Soup's about here.

And now, it's my pleasure to introduce to you our newest members.

New Members of the Soup

Utopia's Eden - Clan Website Under Construction

A Multi-Gaming guild with members on a number of games. We are a tight knit group and believe that this is what makes us strong. We are always looking for new members who are about serious gameplay, but remembe r that it is just a game and to play at peak level you must always enjoy your self while still maintaing a sense of duty towards your specific role in any game played. Upon its launch for the Xbox 360 we plan to branch out to AoC and to establish a firm presence in both PvP and PvE areas.

Death and Debauchery - Clan Website NSFW

Death and Debauchery, better known as The Cabal to its members, is a heavy role play guild located on Cimmeria US. The Cabal is of an evil, opportunistic disposition. We in Death and Debauchery condone though not limed to, sexual, as well as violent themes in our role play. With that said, not only must you be 18 to access our site, you must be 18 to join. No exceptions. Stop by our site, register on our forums, role play in our boards, banter in our off topic, do what you will. If you happen to enjoy what you see, apply! Do your best, it can be difficult to make it in, but we won’t limit (as of now) our members.

Question of the Week

This week, I asked the Clans...

How’s the launch going for your guild? What hurdles, if any, have you had to overcome?

I think Funcom came out and shocked a whole heck of a lot of people with one very successful launch this week in terms of stability and apparently sales as well judging by all the new servers opening up. And it seems like the members of Clan Soup were out there in full force taking part in the festivities.

The Hammerfist Clan - Hurdles? No way! It was a huge success. I think we set some Vent records the day of release. *wink* (vent screenshot)

Vigor Mortis - We've got ourselves established well on the Wildsoul PvP server (EU), and we even have a couple of lvl 45ishs running around. Tomorrow we've got a huge LAN here in the city with half the guild, for the official European release. We're gonna rock the socks off this server!

Clan Optera - It has been a very exciting week and it has turned out rather well for us. We have gained a couple members since launch, and have already booked a spot for our guild city (in Poitain). Some of our members are still trying to decide which class is going to be their main and which is going to be their alternate character. And I can understand why, Funcom did an excellent job creating these classes and giving them viable, engaging and exciting ways of participating with their groups and raids. This is especially noticable with the priest classes since this is the first MMO where the main healers truely break the old traditions by actively participating with their group instead of being one version or another of a healbot and buffbot.

The only problem we have faced so far, as with other guilds, is that the traders have been down for a few days now. A few of our clan mates have their pre-order items in the bank, including their mount. This biggest problem for our guild right now is the traders being down - as such, we can not use our banks, our in game mail, we can't sell things on the market and we can't store good loot we find and end up selling almost everything we loot to NPC vendors because we have no where to store them for later levels nor any market to sell them to. We also can't craft anything because all of the crafting recipes and supplies can only be obtained through the Trader NPC's. So for now, we are just leveling, having fun and exploring, as we wait for the Traders to come back up.

Aegis of the Keep - As a whole the guild has only experienced minor issues like graphics not displaying properly, partchment paper not available for building our city (we were ready before funcom was), One of our members has problems with group chat to the point that he is forced to delete that channel and create it again. Other than that we are all having fun most of us are in the second area and people's character levels range from 24 to 52 so i would say we are leveling fast and enjoying the fatalities that you can do. The guild as a whole is also very happy with the graphics the game provides and has some really nice scenery.

Sanguiphoria - Launch for Sanguiphoria has been going well. Most of our members are in game and we're recruiting in numbers daily. The bug with the traders has been a bit of a pain, obviously it'd be nice to earn some pocket money and buy some nice gear early on - but after the beta, if that's the worst issue we see -then Funcom has done an astounding job. Its easily the smoothest launch I've taken part in. Perhaps a little more work on the 30-50 area because it turns into a grind very early on.

Cleaning Up

That's it for this week folks. Another light one this week as most of our guilds are out storming Hyboria. Remember to check back on Friday for the next clan interview: Veritas Aequitas! And just think all you have to do to have your clan highlighted is sign up to be a member of Clan Soup!

We're always accepting new members and all you have to do is follow the instructions found on this page. And don't forget to check out the Clan Registry to get a look at all the clans in one heaping mound of goodness! It's changing every week, so go take a look!

Until next time, eat well fellow Hyborians!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016