Welcome to the second beef-tastic issue of Clan Soup!

Now I know it's only been a few short days since our first helping of the Soup, but from now on these tasty treats will be coming your way every Monday, so I'd suggest you start saving room Sunday night for a little helping the tastiest canned product you'll ever digest with your eyes.

But what do we have for you this week, you ask with the tiniest bit of drool forming at the corner of your mouth? How does a handful of new members and the answer to the world's most important question sound?

But before we dive into that I'm going to go ahead and mention that we're always accepting new clans into the mix, and in order to join it's simply a matter of sending us a few scant details.

To sign up for Clan Soup, send an e-mail titled "Clan Soup Registration" to jobildo at ten ton hammer dot com with the following contents:

  • Your Clan's Name
  • Your Clan's Website (if applicable)
  • An e-mail to use as a contact (for our use only)
  • A few sentences about your Clan

Those few things will get you all geared up for the wondrous world of awesomeness that is Clan Soup, so don't just sit there... get that e-mail sent! You can read up on all that Clan Soup's about here. Essentially, the Soup aims to be the one stop shop for all the news about every Clan in Funcom's Age of Conan, so sign up now in order to take part!

We have some new members this week, and here they are to say "Hail".

New Members of the Soup

The Cult of Personality - No Clan Website Currently

Hello! My name is Papagenu! And my clan is The Cult of Personality! We are a fairly new clan, I formed it while playing Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, about a year ago. There's no corporeal group for members, just people who've joined and those who haven't... meaning we don't have a site! Although I don't think that means were any less of a clan. Our main goal while playing Elder Scrolls was to defend new players against gankers and the like, sort of a policing clan, and I hope to bring that to Age of Conan! Well that's about the main overhaul for The Cult... Thanks for reading!

Sworn of the Dying Light - Clan Website

The Sworn of the Dying Light will be a player guild in a US RP/PVP server, that will primarily take place in Roleplay activities. However, unlike some other guilds, we mix roleplay with other gaming styles such as PvP and Raiding, and practice all those aspects of the game together. Whether you are a casual or hardcore roleplayer, or someone who is just starting to get into it, everyone is welcome to the Sworn of the Dying Light.

Sol Invictus - Clan Website

We are a small knit group who will be striving to be part of the top population of the AoC server we will be joining. We are going for a PvP server.

Brotherhood of the Sacred Shadows - Clan Website

We are Currently one of the larger US PvE Clans for AoC with 100+ players and on track for going into launch at 150+ Members. Our ranks consist of players ranging from ages 17 to 50 something, and gamers from titles like UO, EQ 1&2, WoW, DaoC, Guild Wars, DDO, Vanguard, Lotro, just to name a few.

We are a diverse group of gammers with much experience in the MMO gaming community. Our goal is to experience all that AoC offers on a PvE server. Our Philosphy is to give each of our members equal chances for advancement within the clan and game, and a higher sense of participation. We will strive to have accomendatons and events for the casual players as well as the semi-Hardcore players that like to raid , as well as what PvP we can get involved in. We are a mature clan and hope to change the way the traditional guilds were ran in the past By involving regular members as well as Officiating members an oppertunity to serve on a council that will define our activities and progression within the game as well as governing roles within our city, keep, crafting, mentoring, and siege warfare to name a few. Ultimately our goals is to make if fun for all our members, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at our organization!

Acolytes - Clan Website

The Acolytes are currently a multi mmo gaming community. We are currently forming for the world's greatest upcoming mmo's to date, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures and Warhammer Online! Yes, we know that the release date for the Age of Conan and WAR is still quite a ways off, but yet we are still trying to get a good core of people started off early, developing friendships and bonds, tactics and plans, so that we as a whole will be better prepared to take on what the savage and brutal worlds can throw at us!

If you are accepted as a member into any of our mmo branches you are considered an Acolyte in which ever game you choose to play. We are looking to build a great community for people to enjoy mmo's together for years to come!

Vigor Mortis - Clan Website

Vigor Mortis is a mature guild (age 18+) that will focus both on doing good both in PvP and PvE, without requiring its members to sit by their computer 24/7. We understand the need to have a life outside of this game, and we will not require you to give that up.

Question of the Week

This week I asked Clan Soup's registered members to answer one little query... and the fate of the world rested on their answers. Thank Crom that they came through. The question?

If you and your clanmates were forced to play one game and one game only for the rest of your lives on repeat ad nauseum... without having an internet connection, which would it be?

The members of Veritas Aequitas replied: "To play one game i'd have to say that one game would have to be Halo. Meleeling someone in the back never gets old."

Fade to Darkess' people say: "I would have to say Counter-Strike source, we would all meet up at one clan member's house and set up a lan and play CSS.

Sanguiphoria took much deliberation but ultimately decided: "After much debate we decided, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, would have to be the game to play. KotR in a strong second."

MEH's people came up with: "I'd have to say Wii Sports. Fun for all the family, might get a bit knackered though, and violence with the controllers is understandable."

The Exodus Syndicate has a very simple yet brilliant answer: Pong - Historical PvP in a non-RP setting.

Clan of the Mandrill cheated a bit and offered these games up: We would undoubtedly be playing Sims, Starcraft, Age of Empires, Harvest, Halo, Halflife or what have you but I've got to be honest, with no Internet connection I think you'd find most us at the giggle shack playing a little game of hide the dollar. Then again maybe that's just me.

Lastly, the folks in
Brotherhood of the Spider
had this to say: "We had dozens of people offer suggestions on what their game or games would be. Although the list would be quite long, these three were named the most often: Starcraft, Oblivion and the Civilization series."

Last Bites

The news section of the Soup is likely going to be a bit on the light side until we all start lopping heads off in Hyboria come May, but regardless there's one little snippet of news our members would like to share this week.

Nova Krespusko - The lads and lasses of Nova Krepusko are pleased to announce the launching of a new website. One of their members, Akilius, did a splendid work in a very short time when he made this homepage and therefore we are very proud to present the new site at this LINK.

Cleaning Up

That's it for this week. I hope you've all had your fill. Remember, we're always accepting new members and all you have to do is follow the instructions found on this page.

Until next week, eat well fellow Hyborians!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016