"Where does he get those wonderful little toys?" Everyone loves the superhero with all the good toys and the Gadgeteer is the guy with all the awesome gadgets! Cryptic has revealed this fun class powers and power sets for fans to check out. Have a look!

Requires 1 powers from Gadgeteering or 2 non energy building powers from any framework

Targeted Reactive Healing Buff

Bionic Shielding places a shield of healing energy around your target causing them to heal any time they are damaged.

* Applies Bionic Shielding to target.
* Bionic Shielding heals you each time the target takes damage.
* Bionic Shielding will heal you a maximum of 5 times before it expires

You can catch the rest of the power and power sets on the official Champions Online website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016