Sometimes people follow through on what they say.

A long time ago, like a month ago, City of Heroes "Ask a Dev" section introduced Bruce Harlick as the master of the missions. In that segment, CoH asked us (the community) to pepper the forums with questions for Bruce and he would come back and answer them. We did and now he's back with some answer. While deferring on most questions about Mission Architect, Bruce did respond to interesting questions such as:

Question from Storm_Revenant:
The use of cut scenes in a very sparse number of missions is a shame, will this feature be supported for the Architect system for I13?

Bruce: There’s a reason why cut scenes are sparse; they are extremely time intensive. They require the use of specific maps, access to the map editor to set up the cameras, and a lot of scripting work. So you won’t be seeing cut scenes supported in the initial release of the Mission Architect.

We’re looking to streamline the process and make it easier for us to create cut scenes, so we can use them more effectively to help tell fun stories in the future.

But really, the interesting questions he answered were more like:

Question from Hellsminion_CoH:
The picture on your cube wall looks like you had a rockin' fu manchu/pornstache! What happened to it? Or is that not you?

Bruce: Yeah, about that... so when I was at LucasArts working on the upcoming Indiana Jones game, one of the other designers was challenged to grow a “Sonny Bono” mustache. This lead to a lot of speculation on what various people would look like with mustaches and other facial hair. This lead to a lot of Photoshop pranking. I foolishly mentioned that I had had a mustache when I was 18, which prompted Rob Clarke, our lead environment artist, to create that little art piece you see in my picture. It’s a souvenir of my time with the Indy team.

That's what I'm talking about. Always take advantage of an opportunity to bring the discussion back around to pornstaches. To read the rest of the questions posed and answered, pornstache your way over to the City of Heroes forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016