Lich King has been defeated and in a few short (or long depending
on how impatient you happen to be) months the world of Azeroth will
reflect this change as Cataclysm is released for the WoW fans across
the world to enjoy. Quests are being tweaked, talents revamped,
professions overhauled, all in an effort to make the initial play
experience go off without a hitch. However despite all their careful
planning and the huge amount of time Blizzard has invested in the
Cataclysm project they seem to have overlooked one major problem; once
players hit 70 and venture into wintery Northrend the Lich King kind
of, sort of, isn’t dead anymore.

The pockets of Scourge
peppered throughout Azeroth have begun to
vanish, and more than a few of the more intelligent creatures once
under the Lich King’s control are once again under their own
influence and several have even offered their services to the Horde.
Quest lines in Azeroth now speak of and revolve around the now defeated
Lich King and even new players would be hard pressed not to realize
that the big guy is supposed to be dead.

Take a look at this glitch in the storyline and ways it could be fixed
in: href=""
target="_blank">Continuity Breakdown: Cataclysm.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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