City of Villains Issue 7 "Recluse's Victory Live Event Preview" Details & Screenshots!

This just in from the folks at Cryptic Studios, originators of the City of Villains / City of Heroes series of comic book-inspired MMOs.

All subscribers to either of these games are invited to participate in a special two-day playtest of the upcoming PvP zone "Recluse's Victory" this Wednesday through Friday (5/24-5/26)!

From CM CuppaJo:

This week the City of Villains Test Server will be holding an event in the new Issue 7 PvP zone, Recluse’s Victory! That’s the good news, the better news is that all characters created during the special two day event will be allowed to auto-level to 40 to experience this new dynamic zone.

To whet your appetite, check out these new screenshots from what promises to be an fun two-day event: City of Villains Issue 7 "Recluse's Victory Live Event Preview" screenshots right here at TenTonHammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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