Everyone likes a nice, full-bodied text.

Every once in awhile a pre-written developer log falls into our laps, complete with screenshots and a full-bodied text. This is just such an occasion and the developer in question is Matt "Positron" Miller from Cryptic Studios! In his dev log, Matt takes a look at turning literature into content, which is exactly what he did when the Cryptic team was developing Issue 10 for CoX. The dev log discusses the Rikti invasion, the return of Hero 1, and much more!

In the late game of City of Heroes, you learn that the government of the United States is hiding a secret about the Ritki. That secret is that the Rikti are highly evolved human beings from an alternate dimension, and not "aliens" as the public perceives. This is tied directly into the Lost that populate the lower level zones in City of Heroes. The Lost are the Rikti attempting to turn Earth's humans into Rikti mutants. Many heroes with the "Omega Level Clearance" souvenir know all this information.

Read the full developer log here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016