The most kind AutumnKiss put together a fairly informative write up, with those oh so desired actual developer quotes. She shoots 'em questions on the unlikely duo of crafting and PvP:

Stratics: In PvP, in order to gain faction - credit for the kill - players must actually hit their targets. However, healers are a supporting class, and often do not get an opportunity to get a hit in. Therefore, they are typically left without faction as a result. Are there any plans in the works to change this to make it easier for players to build competent groups and all members of the group to receive equal credit for their role in the successful encounter?

Archonix: Shortly after the PvP servers launched, we changed the way credit is determined for a kill. While everyone in the group who is within reward range gains experience/status/and possible infamy/fame modifications just for being a part of the group, each player will have to have gained some form of hate with the target to gain faction from the kills.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016