Crafty 'lil Devils

Funcom included some much-wanted information about the crafting system in the upcoming game in this month's Clan of Conan newsletter.

They told us a bit about the different crafting professions available, how to collect resources, and how it all ties in together in the crafting of goods. Additionally, they've spilled the beans about Tradeposts, which will work as Age of Conan's system to sell your goods to other players.

In the world of Hyboria there are certain locations where craftsmen (and women!) congregate to form societies where they can practice their trade. These are commonly called resource and gathering regions as they are areas with a special abundance of resources needed for crafting, and here you will also find many who are more than willing to learn others how to practice their trade.

  • Be sure to read the article to get caught up with crafting and the economy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016