Developers at ArtCraft Entertainment continue to make strides towards the reimagining of massively multiplayer worlds with their upcoming Throne War Sim: Crowfall.

Continuous Innovation

In the spirit of evolving design, the crew there has just unrolled a new look for their game's official website. The changes aren't just aesthetic either. Crowfall's new-look portal features a concise and streamlined interface for potential players to get a better understanding of what the game has to offer.

The major theme of Crowfall's new approach and explanation of their gameplay revolves almost entirely around the concept of players creating a "Legacy" of their own. Three core paths form the game's core progression system - and as a very much PvP-oriented title, it's hard to argue with these avenues of approach.

Through Glory

Players who choose to focus their efforts around battlefield prowess and accolades might find this path most appealing.

"The display and application of brute force, strength in combat.  This could be individual skill with a blade, bow or spell -- or it could be martial strength, the strategic decisions of a battlefield commander. 

The path to glory is littered with the bones of your enemies and the burning husks of captured strongholds.  Our Campaign Worlds, the heart of our game, make this possible. For the first time ever, you can actually WIN an MMO – not just play one."

Through Wealth

Those seeking a more diplomatic approach, will probably favor the path of Wealth, as each strategic move and acquisition strengthens your position.

"The amassing of economic strength, made possible through the delicate balance of supply and demand.  What begins with our crafting system leads to an intricate web of trade routes and supply lines that cross between campaigns and kingdoms. 

Invest your earnings in property, and watch your kingdom flourish. Build masterwork items that are the envy of every knight and wizard, king and assassin – and use them to drive your economic machine."

Through Power

Nestled seamlessly between the two routes of Wealth and Glory, the path of Power is for those seeking to reap the benefits of every opportunity no matter how they are attained.

"The ultimate endgame, the net sum of your achievements across every campaign and every kingdom.

Power both drives and relies on your interactions with other players.  More lasting than Glory, more effective than Wealth – and, yet, it is not likely to be obtained without a firm foundation of both.  It is the glue the ties together all of your victories.  

Build a network of vendors and vassals, allies and spies.  Divide up your kingdom and win noble houses, mercenary companies and merchant guilds to your banner.  Ink your name in the book of history as the most powerful guild or monarch."

Three Paths, One Purpose

No matter which way you choose to progress in Crowfall, it all boils down to one agenda and one agenda only: making a name for yourself and proving that you aren't just a puppet of the warring gods above. Players will prove, through their accomplishments, that they are more than just marionette "crows" acting on behalf of the powerful beings who rule the universe of Crowfall and all the many worlds that come and go inside it.

Because of that ultimate course and destiny, the lore and pantheon of Crowfall has become more than just a narrative backdrop to provide a flavor for the game. The gods of this universe will play a defining role in where and how players will be able to start building their legacies. It is the great and conflicting deities of these many worlds that will provide players with the tools they need to carve out their fates.

So I'll be taking a much  closer look at this pantheon of gods with an exclusive concept art reveal and also an in-depth interview with J. Todd Coleman himself on the intriguing mythology of this world that he's creating.

Keep your eyes peeled for that feature in the very-near future; and follow me on twitter if you want to get notified the moment it goes live!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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