More statistics than baseball!

For those who love everything about Warhammer Online, word's been going around about a new website out there. While it won't tell you the best way to get around that pesky quest, it will tell you things like exactly how much of your server population plays your class in your level range.

Welcome to Waralytics, one of the best organized data mining sites out there for Warhammer. While the average player doesn't care about this kind of information, it's the kind of place that a statistics junkie dreams about. Many bloggers have already put this site and ones like it to good use, watching the general trends in the game and making some predictions. There is one flaw with the site though - it only pulls form guilded characters. So it's population sample isn't quite accurate. But it will get there in time.

Would you like to see what's coming down the pipe? Check out Waralytics.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016