Interview and Screenshots

RPG Vault had a chance to sit down recently with David Allen, co-founder and CEO od Quest Online. Crusade is currently in development with a target release date of late 2008. Don't miss the four screenshots included in the interview!

Jonric: Regarding the developer, Quest Online, where is the studio located, how large is the team, and what related experience do the members have? And what is your status with respect to funding?

David Allen: Quest Online, Inc. was founded in February of 2006 in Chandler, AZ specifically for the purpose of building the Crusade project. We currently have over a dozen people working on the project, and will continue to expand the team throughout the year. Part of this process will include the hiring of additional division managers as we grow. The first task is to establish the core technology; once it's ready, we will be enhancing our content teams - world building, modeling, texture / graphic artist.

Read the rest of his answer and find out more about Crusade. Keep checking back here at Ten Ton Hammer for more on your favorite games, including Crusade.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016