CuppaJo took a few minutes to sit down with WarCry and answer a few random questions about medics, melee combat, badges and more. If you are looking for answers from someone who would have them, head over to WarCry and take a look.

WarCry: We see lots of guns blazing in the screen shots, what melee weapons are available for use?

April Burba: We have Hand to Hand melee available to everyone from when they start the game, and they can add skill points to it and use it throughout the game. We also have a filament sword for Spy's and a Staff for Guardians. The staff is both ranged and melee. There are several different damage types for both the sword and staff including ice, fire, and electric. Fire swords FTW!

Find the whole interview over here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016