It's like a little pet that grows with the loyalty of your friends.

If you're on of those players who swears up and down that there never was and never will be a better game than Dark Age of Camelot (or maybe you just think it's a fun game), it's time to put your money where your mouth is and prove it to a friend. With their upcoming changes to their referral program, you'll get bonuses and in-game prizes for doing it! From the press release:

The recent launch of a new sponsorship offer in Dark Age of Camelot benefited existing users by allowing them to extend their free play time when they introduced a friend. This scheme has since been revised, to incorporate a brand new, fully-customisable, shape-changing pet to use in-game for those participating in the scheme.

At first, the pet will look more like a frosted jelly, but this is in fact, a magical concoction to produce your very own golem. By feeding your pet special ingredients, which you can find in-game; its size and shape will change depending on the combination of ingredients you use. Different combinations will of course, yield different results and you could end up with a two-headed wolf or something even more bizarre…experiment and see what happens!

The pet requires feeding in order for it to learn new abilities and grow. As it gets older, the pet will learn to talk and it will ask for things specifically and if the parent neglects it, they will find that their pet will start to behave rather erratically.

This interactive pet is sure to bring an added dimension of fun to the game.

To get the pet, invite a friend to subscribe to Dark Age of Camelot for 6 or 12 months. A sponsorship code will then be sent which needs to be activated in the game account system. The next step is to log in to the game and speak to the Steward of the Realm, outside the throne room. He will hand over the frosted jelly to each character the player has.

Guests who are introduced by existing players will be granted a 14-day trial, and the player inviting will receive additional days of free-game time if they subscribe. If, after the free subscription period, the guest subscribes (with the same account), the player will receive:

- 10 days of free subscription for a 1 month subscription

- 1 month of free subscription for a 3-month subscription

- 2 months of free subscription and the pet for a 6-month subscription

- 3 months of free subscription for and the noisy pet for a 12-month subscription

Players can of course invite as many friends as you wish, up to six per form.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016