Exclusive Dark and Light Q&A with Géraldine Lescs

On the list of headquarters locations for MMORPG development, Africa's Macarene Islands probably rival Iceland in the "surprising but true" category. Nevertheless, our latest Dark and Light Q&A comes to you direct from the two tiny Indian Ocean island nations called Mauritius and La Réunion. Géraldine Lescs, Marketing Manager for Farlan Entertainment's truely massive MMORPG, clears up a few misconceptions about the game, introduces some little known DnL features, and also clues us in about Farlan's future plans for Dark and Light.

"Géraldine Lescs, Farlan Entertainment: ''What is really unique in Dark and Light is that players never experience travel constraints. Not only they can use terrestrial mounts as soon as they start playing, but also they can fly using para-glide, experience free fall parachuting, or snowboard from the very first levels onward. And, using flying mounts, players can ascend, fly above the clouds or the rain... they are totally free.'"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016