Now this might sting a bit, but trust me. It's for Khaine's own good.

It's here! The final Dark Elven class! A healing class that it stays true to its Druchii roots, the Disciple believes in a tough love approach to healing. Tough on their enemies that is. Survivors of the legendary Witch Elven ritual of Death Night and The Cauldron of Blood, Disciples are the chosen of Khaine. Learned in all aspects of causing death, they raise killing to an art form in honor of the Lord of Murder. Armed with wicked blades designed to cause excessive bleeding, these are not your second line healers. Expect to see Disciples mixing it up in the heat of battle in order to deliver their special brand of healing. What is their special brand of healing you ask? Who better to answer that question than Paul Barnett! Watch as he discusses the Disciple class in all of its heinous detail.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016