It's Warrior Time!

Finally, the last of my 3 characters before I go experiment in other zones was my Warrior. I often left him to the last since, even as Fury, he wasn't as effective as my Rogue or Warlock in terms of mowing down the scores of enemies you need in order to succeed in Quests fast enough. Perhaps it was my gear, or lack thereof, so I never thought much of my Warrior past doing 2v2's with my friend's Druid during the Burning Crusade.

When I logged my Warrior in, I had one thing in mind: Test Out Titan's Grip. This ability looks the most special to me since dual-wielding 2-handed swords would send me back to Diablo II's Dual-Collosus Blade wielding Barbarian times, along with Heroic Leap for good measure. First thing I did was hit up the Bank and grab my 2 banked swords, which were not as hard to attain as many of the later Warrior swords that became available: Gladiator's Greatsword from PvP and Despair from Karazhan.

When I equipped my Greatsword, I was taken aback that it didn't unequip my shield! 2HS+Shield a comedy option? Perhaps!

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Two 2-handed Swords are better than one, a quick death for the enemy.

Howling Fjord ~ Warrior

Expending most of my 61 points into the Fury tree, I was now ready to brave Northrend's Howling Fjord once more, this time in the eyes of my Warrior. I felt like such a badass walking with 2 big swords on my back, previously only available if you had 2 Quickening Blades of the Prince on you! No more, now Fury Warriors will look extremely flashy while moving around carrying their big weaponry in doubles.

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Death from Above! Heroic Leap

Upon reaching Vengeance Landing, I took the first few quests and headed out, eager to spill some blood with my giant weapons, one in each hand.


Nothing could have ever prepared me for what I found out, I leaped into the enemy and smashed them silly with Bloodthirst and Whirlwind. The initial stun, added with the enemy getting a flurry of hits in such a short time, killed any monster infront of me in record time, even outdoing my Rogue's!

This is where I believe should be some more balancing, how is it possible to be this powerful, so that a Warrior in Season 1 gear and Karazhan weaponry destroy enemies faster than a Rogue in full Island Badge gear? I know both are equally as easy to obtain but the gear difference should be comparable. Heck, my Warrior wasn't even that damaged and could keep on grinding away easily while my Rogue needed to bandage every once in awhile! I'm not complaining or anything, but Titan's Grip, along with the other abilities such as Furious Attacks (Passive Mortal Strike?) and Rampage were making short work of most of the monsters in the first zone in Northrend.

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New Jewelcrafting Quest!

As usual, the main problem with the Warrior is the Rage generation, but rest assured, if you go into the Fury tree, it will not be a problem with the improved Berserker Rage and other abilities. It is now the #1 spec to go for now as far as leveling goes (no surprise there), and powerful enough to hold its own in groups.

If it's raw damage you're after, a couple two-handers and the latest Fury additions to the talent tree for your Warrior will do just the trick for it.

I'm certain this will most likely get nerfed as time goes by, but for the time being, the Warrior is a great option for those wanting an easy time killing. Get grinding for those PvP weapons currently available, get two of the Two-handers, and enjoy the DPS you will deal once "Before The Storm" hits and unlocks the new Talent Trees!

As a sidenote, my Warrior is a Jewelcrafter, and I am happy to report that profession-specific quests begin as early as the first settlement in Northrend and yield cool results and possibly abilities at this point in time.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016