Darkfall to launch in Europe next month.

Looking back over three years of articles and announcements, the launch of Darkfallit seems like a long road, but the finish line is finally becoming reality. Announced today, the Darkfall will launch on January 22, 2009, in Europe. Do not despair if you happen to pay your rent in North America, we are allowed to participate in the European launch. According to the very short announcement on the forum, a North American launch will follow the European launch but no details or time frames are provided. To read if for your own eyes, the Darkfall forum has the announcement.

Since the forum post leaves so many questions, you now have a chance to interrogate, I mean interview the developers yourself. Shayalyn has posted the way for you to obtain VIP Access to interview the team from Aventurine.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016