David "Zeb" Cook Talks to Ten Ton Hammer

Jeff Woleslagle and Phil Comeau were thrilled to sit down and talk to Cheyenne Mountain's Lead Systems Designer David "Zeb" Cook. Better known for his role in the hit City of Villains and his written works based on pen-and-paper RPGs, his recent move to work on Stargate Worlds gave us a great opportunity to meet with him.

I heard a lot about the combat system in a pre-E3 interview with Joe Ybarra. You can almost see these designers' eyes light up when they chat up their vision for SGW's combat system. I wondered aloud what the biggest challenge was in bringing the Stargate model for combat into the MMO space:

"The biggest challenge we’re facing is that this is not fantasy combat..."

Hurry over to hear what exactly is planned thus far for Stargate Worlds and David "Zeb" Cook here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016