This last year has seen a whole slew of massively multiplayer online
real time strategy games attempting to take their genre by storm. Not
only are MMORTSes few and far between, but those entries that have
landed in the market haven't been the blockbuster titles that everyone
wants to see to lead the genre into the MMO age. That said, the
developers at Lighthouse Interactive are hoping to do just that with
Dawn of Fantasy. Only recently announced, the Dawn of Fantasy
developers have released six new screenshots for fans to look at, and
the Ten Ton Hammer staff has posted them for you to view. Enjoy!

style="font-style: italic;">"The acquisition of Dawn of
Fantasy allows us to further expand our
growth in the most dominant segment of the computer game market," said
Steve Wall, V.P. Business Development of Lighthouse Interactive. "We
are thrilled to be working with such an accomplished development team.
Reverie World Studios understands what RTS fans are craving. They are
committed to delivering an impressive game experience with a high
calibre product."
  • target="_blank">You can see the screenshots and press
    release by clicking here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016