Geek news site has posted their "9 Games to Watch in 2009" list, which included two MMOs that we've gotten to know fairly well in the last few months: DC Universe Online and Champions Online. While it can be argued that DCUO may not be coming out in '09, the news site seemed adamant that DCUO be included in the list while Champions only received a "corner of the eye" mention.

There’s not a ton of new news about this one yet, but the PS3 console exclusive MMO has some heavy hitters behind it. Sony Online Entertainment admittedly has some huge hits and huge misses in the MMO arena, but they’re not just playing this one lightly. Comic heavyweights Jim Lee and Geoff Johns are both heavily involved in the game that will allow players to create their own hero or villain and fight alongside the established DCU characters. The game promises to use modern version of characters, allow for a Secret Origin for every created character, and take place in a present day DCU that looks very familiar to the one appearing in the books. There are other superhero-themed MMOs out there, but this looks to eclipse them all. Plus, the planned Marvel MMO was cancelled last year, so fans wanting a licensed comic MMO experience will only have here to turn.

Which do you think is a better bet for 2009: Champions or DCUO? If both come out, which would you rather play? You can read the whole list by clicking here, then head over to our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016