Turbine Gives DDO Players a Solid Primer

As we prepare to enter DDO Quest Week here at Ten Ton Hammer, we take a look at the outstanding job Turbine does in preparing adventurers for the intricacies of DDO. From the starting area called Smuggler's Rest to the completion of Lord Gerald Goodblade's quests, Turbine has tweaked difficulty until they got it right. And they don't overload new players with information that may not pertain to their chosen class.

"The player behind Clubthor the barbarian just wants to smash things; he doesn’t care how to prepare arcane spells, but the arcane training room will be there in Smuggler’s Keep for him when he rolls Boomguy the sorcerer later. Turbine did a terrific job with this area."

Keep reading to see more ways that Turbine prepares it's players for the challenges of the game. Do you think they got it right? Let us know in the forums at DDO Ten Ton Hammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016