Enter the Halfling: Git them Dawgies Re-rollin'!

Orogurath continues his fanfiction series on the Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach - TenTonHammer community site. With Cailag rescued from the kobold prison, our intrepid adventurers plan their next move...but not before Preston decides to make himself anew, complete with less intelligence (which better suits his agenda), and a new handlebar moustache. Read our Dungeons & Dragons Online fan fiction comedy series to learn more about the new and improved Preston, and about the famous halfling pastimes, Pong and...Twister?

Suppressed giggles trickled out of Pigface and Gurblebag, who barely recognized the re-rolled Preston. He was still upset about his haul from the adventure: a potion of light repair. The rest were sporting items such as a +1 Maul, magical chain mail, and trinkets that spat webs, while he had obtained…a potion. Even Pigface had fared better; with his souvenir shirt and belt of something-or-other. It just didn’t seem fair!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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