Is it too short? Your game, that is. (They have herbal medications and pump thingies for the other affliction, though we're not sure how effective they are.) Shayalyn contends that DDO didn't laucnh with enough depth of content to satisfy power gamers, and that now even the moderate gamers are growing restless.

"Thing is, due to lack of planning or foresight or both, Turbine failed to realize that their game would be quickly consumed by the power gamers, who got to the end and went, "Is that it?" Enter the dragon; or rather the Dragon's Vault, DDO's first free content module. These new high-end quests were supposed to keep the power-gamers occupied for a while, but by now even some of the moderate gamers were beginning to grow restless repeating the same old quests on their steady grind toward the level cap."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016