How about a zone that isn't sewers?

GameSpy has a great preview of the upcoming expansion for Dungeons and Dragons online, called Module 6: The Thirteenth Eclipse. Lots of exciting info is here!

The first thing that stands out for players who haven't logged in to Dungeons and Dragons Online for a while is that Turbine has worked really hard to remove the claustrophobic feeling of the original game. "The Demon Sands," the third big content upgrade released back in October of 2006, introduced the game's first "wilderness zone." The Sand of Menechtarun was a giant desert that included wandering monster encounters, wide-open spaces and environmental quests that made the game play more like a traditional MMO. This was so successful that it established a pattern the dev team has followed ever since, adding several new wilderness zones since 2006.

You can read the full preview at GameSpy.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016