DDO New Build: The Jack of All Trades

Michael Keaton learned just how hard it can be to try to play several roles at once in his performance in Mr. Mom. Nuitaran claims that Dungeons & Dragons Online players will have much better success at multitasking if they combine a bard, a rogue, and a fighter.

"Try to keep a few Action Points in reserve at most times. The Jack is great at filling in where a party is lacking, and having some extra APs will allow you to boost up an ability that the party needs. When you will be the primary rogue, take along Skill Perception, and Skill Ingenuity. When you are the only healer, bring Energy of Music, or the Devotion line. Bard’s Charisma should always be slotted to increase Spell Points and UMD."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016