Quest Guide: The Shrieking Mines

The Screams in the Darkness...

The Shrieking Mines is a legendary pit of evil and cruelty where the captured wild men of the restless isles toil endlessly for their ogre magi and mind flayer masters. For a part of the Sigil of Dal Quor, defeat these fiends and release the Wild Men from their toil. Blackwater shows you the method to accomplishing this goal with his guide to The Shrieking Mines!

"Each area has ogre slavers and wild man miners under their control. The miners will attack you at the ogres' command. If you kill more than 10 miners you fail the mission. Once you have killed the ogres of a particular patch, the miners under their control will become passive and disappear as long as you have not harmed them."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016