Revised Spell Guide: The Apprentice's Companion I: 1st Level Arcana

You know, you might could make fun of Darkgolem's fashion sense or his SAT score. But don't ever--EVER--accuse him of not loving to sling spells in Dungeons & Dragons Online. Now Darkgolem brings us his updated guide to 1st level arcana, incorporating the changes from Module 3:


This spell can be targeted on a location or a foe. This is a very situational spell, useful for blocking a narrow approach by your enemies, but not as useful for a disorganized or melee-oriented party. The DC 12 save for this spell cannot be changed at this time by any means. A new save is forced every 6 seconds. Regardless of a creature making a save or not, they move at 50% normal rate, except vermin."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016