The Death of Gimpy

Sound familiar?

Gimpy receives loot: Copper Ore
Gimpy receives loot: Copper Ore
Gimpy receives loot: Copper Ore
Gimpy suffers 3200 damage from Silentkiller's Ambush
Gimpy suffers 860 damage from Silentkiller's Sinister Strike
Gimpy Dies
Silentkiller spits on Gimpy
Silentkiller Dances

Death is a part of almost every MMORPG on the market currently,
it's an issue that affects us all, every time we log onto our respective games.
Death has really changed over the course of the years, every new game adding
something new, a change for better or for worse it seems.

With World of Warcraft, Blizzard has thrown at us their own way to penalize us through in game death, however, how far has it really gone since the days of Everquest? Have the gamers been getting it easy these past few years? Check out death editorial "'Tis Only a Flesh Wound" at WoW - TenTonHammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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