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It wasn't that long ago that Earth was home to Humans. Then the Bane invaded, pushing everyone to flee to worlds unfamiliar. Those early days in December were probably the last truly happy times. Now the soldiers of Tabula Rasa's AFS remember the days and people past with a memorial service on Defeat of Earth Day. On the evening of December 21st, soldiers from all over the new worlds gathered on the Cassiopeia server at Concordia Divide’s Foreas Base in remembrance.

Codie Soahl and Kurt Ambrose of Tabula Rasa Role Players; and General British, Sarah Morrison and Feisty Critters participated in the ceremony. For those of you that were unable to attend, we have provided a transcript of the memorial.

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The Crowd Awaits the Ceremony

Soahl: We all know what the Defeat of Earth Day is about. We were there. We all remember that day, when everything was taken from us and we all remember the people we lost. I, myself, lost a rather close friend in the initial attack. A Corporal Kari Michaels. She was my best friend in high school and joined me in the National Guard. It’s my belief that she, like the others who’ve died, fought not only for revenge or because that’s all that was left, but because there’s something here for us to fight for. We fight for Humanity. And not just our lives, but for our species. We fight for Football, Music, Good Food, Late Night TV. We fight for Big Macs, Cheap Tacos, and the Internet. We fight for what makes us Human.

Ambrose: It’s my honor, to give to you the one, the only, GENERAL BRITISH! Let’s give the man a round of applause!

British: Thank you all for coming! December twelfth. A day that all of our lives changed. A day that we all remember. We all have stories of loss and stories of survival. Some of you have only been here a couple of months. Others, like me, have been here for years. But no matter how long it’s been since you last stepped foot on Earth, let us never forget what it was like to walk upon that soil in freedom. Because it is that freedom that we are fighting for.

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General British Speaks

Let us never forget our loved ones. The family and friends that were taken from us that day. Share their stories with each other, for it is through those stories that they live on in us. Earth may have been defeated, but the human spirit was not. It is my hope this DE Day that each and every one of us become a monument to the unquenchable power of that human spirit. For as long as we remember, and as long as we fight, we are living proof that humanity survives in all of us. LONG LIVE THE AFS!!! And now – Sarah Morrison…

Soahl: You want her? You got her! Everyone, may I introduce: Sergeant Sarah Morrison!

Morrison: *smiles* Thank you all for coming today to this special event. I wanted to get up here and say something eloquent and inspirational, but that’s just not my style. Just a few hours ago, like most of you, I was knee deep in Thrax. This war is brutal. But each day we fight we are making a difference. It’s important… in moments like this one, that we take the time to remember what we are out there fighting for. We all have our own personal stories, our own memories, and our own reasons for fighting. But we share something very important as well. We are all fighting for the people who can no longer fight. We surive for those who did not survive. Their memory lives on and fights on in every one of us. So no matter where you are, don’t forget to take a moment today to remember everything we are fighting for. We are fighting for more than ourselves. We are fighting for each other, for those who are unable to fight, and for freedom. LONG LIVE THE AFS!!!

Ambrose: I believe that Admiral Yamamoto wrote it best, in his diary following the assault on Pearl Harbor! I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and to fill him with a terrible resolve. Fifty years from now, some Thrax will say the same thing. Lets get back out there and kill us some crusty! Stay frosty, stay dangerous, and stay alive! Long live the human race!

Morrison: Now get your asses back out there and kill some Bane!

Critters: Thank you all for coming!

Lavarian: This memorial was a remembrance of what makes us human – and the traditions of such. So anyone who would like to pour some liquor on the tavern floor for our fallen comrades, I’ll be there to join you.

British: I’m hitting the tavern!

Back at The Swamp, the local tavern in Foreas Base, people gathered at the bar with their fearless General British, who demanded, “Barkeep! Wine for my men!” With a little liquid courage, the gathered soldiers began the /dance and /rave partying that would go on for hours.

Of course, what would any party be without the loss of someone’s pants? As a good commander should, General British lead the way by packing away his own trousers. Heard from bar patrons:

Rothnang: Oh no, he took his pants off.

Succorso: Good to see rank doesn’t change a man

Lavarian: A toast! To humanity! To the AFS! To our fallen comrades!

Hear, hear!

Our thanks go out to the Tabula Rasa Role Players for organizing the event, to the NCsoft Tabula Rasa team members that participated, and to all of the players that attended.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016