Even with the relative chaos here at E3, we still find time to post about the guilds of Warhammer looking to recruit!

Coming from our good friends at the GuildPortal, Defiance is a Warhammer Online guild looking to start up on the side of "Evil" (or misunderstood races). There's a bit more information in their guild charter that I've posted below:


- We will have an open door policy to start. Only prerequisite is that you plan to make a Chaos, Greenskin, or Dark Elf character. We will become more exclusive once the game goes live.

- That said you are expected to be mature when representing Defiance on our forums, or ANY OTHER Warhammer Online community forums.


- Any member who is not active for 21 days will be removed on the 22nd day. Obviously there will be exceptions, but if you're going on vacation or something, it is important to let an officer know.

You can find Defiance's website here or you can post in their forum thread located here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016