Italian game publisher Kalicanthus Entertainment and Russian developer
CyberDemon may have something cool coming up. href=""> style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods is almost ready
for open beta and it was time for Ten Ton Hammer took a look at the
game. What's it all about? What sort of new elements will this game
bring to the MMOG market? We caught up with Fabrizio Cali, CEO of
Kalicanthus Entertainment to find out more about this subscription
modeled game set to launch in the second quarter of this year.

Ten Ton Hammer: What is style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods?
Please tell us a little about the game.

Fabrizio Cali: style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods is
an MMOG based on Slavic mythology. We have tried to incorporate the
successful elements of other MMOGs as well as adding some special new
features of our own. CoG is community oriented, with a focus on group
content to help players develop a long term relationship with the game.
The game features a world that is really huge as well as a two faction
system for players to align themselves with.

Ten Ton Hammer: How long
has it been under development?

CyberDemon, a Russian based company, has been in development of the
game for three years.

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Ten Ton Hammer: Will it
be available in North America?

Yes, but in the near future. When I say that it will be available I
mean that we are planning to do the retail distribution in North
America and to eventually publish a N.A. dedicated server.  At
the launch N.A. players can buy the game digitally on our web site and
play on the EU or Russian servers.At the launch the game will be
available in English, Russian, German and Italian.

Ten Ton Hammer: How do
families work in Craft
of Gods

Social activities are a core value of the game so we have implemented a
Housing system and a Families system. Families at the moment will be
more of a “fun” feature. Players can create a family and add other
players to their family; this means that there will be a tag near each
family member showing their kinship. It is like a light Guild because
automatically your family members can enter into your house but there
are no combat related features implemented at the moment. We’d like to
see the users’ feedback about this new feature and then implement new
features following users’ desires.

Ten Ton Hammer: With 100
levels there’s a lot of leveling to cover. Will most players end up
leveling in the same areas and do the same quests or are there
different options for each level?

The entire world of Craft
of Gods
is divided in two big areas, one for Light realm
and one for Darkness realm. A map called Edge will be the point of
contact among them and a bridge separates the two realms. Each realm
area is separated in different maps for different levels so players
will do quests and explore the beginner map and then progress via level
to exploring the next map area. There are 25 maps in style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods and
all of them are massive, along with two big towns, battlegrounds and
RvR areas. Each of the maps has one or more dungeons and there will be
three end game dungeons.

Experience is quest based but players can also choose to create groups
and to kill mobs to gain experience. A player can choose to
solo (except for some quests) but with a group there will be a
considerable boost to experience gained.

Ten Ton Hammer: You mentioned RvR. Are
there PvE-only servers or is the PvP
integral to the game and all players will participate in it?

PvP is present on all servers. To be honest is more an RvR game because
you cannot attack a member of your realm (except in duels). It’s a
“fair” PvP system: first there is no loot in the PvP, and a higher
level cannot attack a player that is too far below them in levels.
There are also dedicated areas for Guild vs Guild battles (but Guilds
of different factions) and Battlegrounds for different levels.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you
tell us a bit about how to become a Demigod and what that means for
your character?

Demigod is an end game feature. There is an area in style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods in
which there are 12 towers. Each of them can be conquered by a Guild. If
a Guild succeeds in conquering all the 12 towers, the Guild Master
becomes a Demigod. During this state he can use special
destructive spells, can craft legendary items and so on. The length of
time a Guild keeps all the 12 towers will determine how long the GM
keeps their Demigod status.

Obviously this means that the battle to become a DemiGod is mainly
Light against Darkness, but also a Guild of your same faction can act
as a traitor by stealing a Tower for themselves. We want to make people
feel free to act as they like.

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Ten Ton Hammer: What are
some of the unique features in Craft
of Gods
that players may not have seen much in other MMOGs?

Surely the leveling system is pretty innovative: there are no classes
in Craft of Gods. The
Class is something that is born as a name depending on the combination
skills the user chooses to have. There are 14 schools; each of them
15 abilities and there are no rules about choosing a skill, the only
one is that you cannot get a higher skill if you did not learn the
lower one.

For the first time an MMOG that unites on the same server people who
love PvP and PvE: you can choose your race, and play it any way you
like. In fact, besides the two realms, there is a neutral realm which
will be released soon after the launch which can maintain neutrality or
choose to align with either faction.

The mount system is very innovative: a player can ride nearly any
animal in the game, there are also flying mounts. Mounts are available
from level one, and you simply needs to train a tame ability. The
player is restricted to taming creatures at or below their level. For
example you cannot tame a 15th level animal at 1st level because you
wouldn’t survive the taming process, but you can mount any creature.
The mount is not only a transportation system; it’s a pet usable to
attack, it’s an additional bag: truly a companion. This is both a
design choice and a need as the Craft
of Gods
world is so huge that a mount greatly reduces down

Ten Ton Hammer: When does
the game launch?

Fabrizio:  The
launch is planned for the 2nd Quarter of 2010. The official date will
be announced after the second wave of the Open Beta planned in February

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there
currently a beta, and how can fans participate?

The first Open Beta wave will be opened February 18th. Soon we will
open up the registration system for the Open Beta. Players will also be
able to get keys from Ten Ton Hammer.

Thanks again to Mr. Cali for sitting down with us and introducing us to
this fascinating new game. Stay tuned to Ten Ton Hammer for all your style="font-style: italic;">Craft of Gods
information and a chance to get into beta to check it out for yourself.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016