PlayNC has put up another Dev Corner this time from Tabula Rasa Producer Starr Long himself. In an attempt to quell the chaos from the Korea Times article a few weeks ago he addresses not only the layoff rumors but where things are financially. If you are looking for reassurance this game is not going the Auto Assault route, this is for you.

NCsoft has committed a lot of money and resources into continuing post-launch development of Tabula Rasa. We have been putting new content into the game every few weeks, and we will continue doing just that. We have already added more upper level content and new features like Hybrids, and we’re working on tons of exciting content, such as Personal Armor Units (mechs and mini-vehicles that players can use and will grant them new abilities). Other features we are planning include Command Opportunity, where players will get the ability to summon entire squads of upgradeable NPCs to fight for them. Clans will be able to battle over control points, which we are building specifically for clan versus clan gameplay. Another addition we’re working on is Flashpoints, which are missions that start dynamically in a region for a number of players, whenever certain criteria are met.

Head over to PlayNC to see the entire Dev Corner and be sure to stop by our forums to talk more about it (and thanks to Ransom for starting a thread).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016