Telling the Hero's Story

Ten Ton Hammer reports on the hints, rumors, and suggestions that were flying around the room as Peter Molyneux, Dr. Raymond Muzyka, and Hironobu Sakaguchi extended their extensive knowledge of RPGs to the public in attendance. Several interesting tidbits concerning MMOs were thrown about, and the future of the industry was discussed and how the online world would influence that development.

Dr. Muzyka was equally gagged when he hinted about the upcoming Bioware MMO. To the discerning ear, it sounded like Dr. Muzyka is thoroughly focused on bringing the single-player storyline to an MMO environment. He discussed the idea of having character really become immersed in what is going on around them, and they – as a company – were looking at what truly makes an RPG, therefore translating this thinking into both the single-player and multi-player experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016