has an article titled Do Girls Game Differently? Now, let the tirade begin.

1. Do girls game differently than boys? Some do. Some don't. We are not all the same. Boomjack games differently than Ethec. However, I game pretty much the same as Ralph. It's all a matter of personality.

I cannot begin to tell you how tired I am of all of these "Women Gamers" articles that go on and on and on and on about how different we are and how we don't like the same things and how this and that offends us. It's absolutely ludicrous to state that everyone has the same set of beliefs or opinioins.

You know what? When I game, I like instant gratification. I don't stop to think about whether or not my armor is going to match and the fluff in games bores me. When I create a character and I have a boob slider, I make the biggest most obnoxious ones I can find because I find it completely humorous that I can do so. I craft because I like to build things. Not because it makes me happy that there are non-violent aspects of a game. I'm more than happy to go slice and dice mob after mob to achieve my goal.

I'd write more but my fingers are getting tired. What do you think about the topic? Think that lumping women into one category is bull? Tell me about it.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016