The world of Dofus has existed for quite some time and boasting millions of players has enjoyed success around the world. What sets this free to play game apart from dozens like it? Ten Ton Hammer delves into the world of unusually named classes and turn based strategy all while avoiding a "jolly massacre."

If the movement wasn't unusual enough, then the combat is sure to catch your eye. Dofus is a mixture of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Tactics with a turn based system. There is a timer with roughly 30 seconds on it allowing you to move and attack, then it's the creature or other party members turn. This means there is an element of strategy involved that you don't see in real time games. There is no button mashing here, but at my low level it's hard to speculate exactly how deep the system goes. I only had three available abilities (four if you count melee attack), but considering the level cap is 1000, there is no telling what you would have by then.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016