There is just no argument, downtime is teh suck! It's one of those necessary evils that, on occasion, catches us off guard. Tuesday's downtime was one of these instances, so when it happens and it's big, Savanja has something to say on it.

Downtime is one of those curses, that while usually necessary, we all hate. I remember reading a thread in the Gameplay section of the forums mentioning that the 7 am PST resetting of the servers was inconvenient for them. Well duh. Downtime is never good for anyone at anytime! Regular maintenance is very important though, especially if we want to avoid the horrors of unscheduled downtime during major playtimes. The red names did tell us long ago that the 7 am PST time was established because it was the time when the servers had the lightest load. Yes, it would be super if downtime were never needed, but isn't that a teeny bit unrealistic?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016