Roll with your posse to your player blog!

Dungeon Runners has released their Build 147, also known as Chunk 4, and it introduces some neat features into the world's quirkiest fantasy MMO. Included are Posses (guilds), Player Blogs, a magical Wishing Well, and a new Dungeon to run around in.

Player Blogs
We've added a new player blog system that tracks various events that happen to you while you play. These events are supplied via RSS feeds to anyone that has interest in them. You will find RSS feed icons in the game that will help you to subscribe to these events.

The following events are currently exported:

1. Login
2. Logout
3. Level up
4. Died
5. Complete Quest
6. Killed Boss
7. Adding a Friend
8. Removing a Friend
9. PvP Match Results

Please keep in mind that the Posses aren't completely implemented yet - they're working out a few last minute gremlins. Darn gremlins!

For the full patch notes for Build 147, please check the Dungeon Runners official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016