The current MMO market is a ruthless place. Games seem to come and go
almost every day, and if you don't succeed right away, most companies
don't get a second chance. However, some games like href="" target="_blank">EVE
Online, href=""
target="_blank">Anarchy Online, and href="" target="_blank">Dungeons
and Dragons Online
persisted and continue to strive towards making their games better and
better with each subsequent update. Dungeons and Dragons Online in
particular has made a number of popular advancements, and Ten Ton
Hammer's Greg "Darkgolem" Stanley received an official tour of the
latest of Turbine's offering, Module 8: Prisoners of Prophecy.
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amount of versatility for these hirelings is amazing. I can pick up
my hireling’s soul stone, carry it to a resurrection shrine,
order them
to resurrect, and so on. What is more, let us say I come to complex
area, such as “The Pit”, and my follower
doesn’t follow me properly.
Rather than lose the follower, I can order the follower to follow me,
and since they can’t reach me, they teleport to my position.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016