And no, not the fun Monty Python kind.

As you may well know, we're in the mix of preparations for E3 right now. With only three weeks to go, yours truly has gone from cool, calm and confident to looking like a chicken that's just had it's head cut off. Bwak? I oftimes find myself with my head tilted in just that certain way. I look confused, hell I AM confused. It will all be worth it though I promise you.

You're going to see so much happy goodness from Ten Ton Hammer this year that you'll start fantasizing about the next time you log in. John posted a list of our appointments so far and I wanted to add a few to the tangle.

We'll be checking out Gods & Heroes and EQ2, Galaxies and whatever other surprises that SOE has to offer.

We'll also be visiting Namco this year. Namco you ask with that Bwak look... yes. Flagship Studios is publishing Hellgate: London (a pc game) under the Namco flag so off to that strange and scary place we call platform land.

I'm working hard to get you the new scoops on both Ensemble as well as Bioware. Stay tuned for more information as I get it and keep those eyes rested because there will be a lot of good stuff to come.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016