It's true. They did give us psychological profiles. *twitch* I'm still recovering from mine.

As the almighty appointment setter for this year's big event I wanted to give you a run down of what you're going to be seeing from us. Updated of course from the last time I er.. updated you.

This just in, Flying Lab decided to take the plunge and let us talk to their developers this year. We know that it was hard and that the rabid dogs we sent to their offices didn't help much, but they were kind enough to let us in on the goods. You can expect to top off our show with Pirates of the Burning Sea coverage.

We're also going to visit Darkfall's very own Tasos. He's witty, he's talented and he's going to give us the goods on Darkfall.

Speaking of games with a D, we're also in the process of getting our Dark & Light timeslot set.

The whole schedule will be yours for the reading in but a few more days. We also have some other E3 surprises for you, the faithful reader. But Shhh.. I'm not going to tell you what they are or they wouldn't be surprises.

If you email me, and bribe me with cookies, I may spill the beans. You never can tell.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016