Cut launch content, add launch content. Rinse, repeat.

Coming on the heels of Mythic's announcement that WAR will have four classes and four cities cut from launch content, parent company EA has added to Mythic's plate. EA recently purchased Rupture, a social netoworking site for gamers. You know, like MySpace but without all the cheesy-looking teenage girl photos. It allows you to have a persistent tag across multiple games, just like Xbox Live. Other developers can add their games to the Rupture network and be tracked as well. Why do I think this won't go over well?

They single out the possibility of "asking a friend to level a Warhammer Online character to 30 before the end of the weekend." Any developer can choose to hook into the Rupture framework, allowing social achievements across EA games and beyond. As exciting as it sounds, though, we somehow doubt that Blizzard's going to bite. A shame: would have been fun to challenge your WoW friends to a leveling contest.

Oh, Blizzard. That's why.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016