Asia is the next big target for WAR (but that is a good thing).

EA's Asia-Pacific president, Jon Niermann finishes his second part of an interview with in which he discusses consoles being illegal in China (I learn something new everyday), and more importantly the plans for EA to take Warhammer Online to Asia where he thinks the game will "surprise people" and that it will do "extremely well." Jon discusses why WAR will do well:

"I think it's a fun game. I think really that you've got a fun game, and you've got what Western games have - better graphics. So I think the game looks better, it plays differently, and maybe the games that are going into the West aren't as sophisticated in terms of look and gameplay.

So if you're Asian or if you're Western, if you have a fun game that's playing well, I think we've seen that with World of Warcraft and the momentum that had - people want to challenge each other, they want to be the best, they want to get that next level, and I think there aren't that many yet, right? "

Gameplay traverses all languages, if it is fun, people will play it. I'm sure good graphics don't hurt either, but a fun game is a fun game in any language (except Final Fantasy which really needs to be in a language you can read). Read the rest of the interview and learn more about consoles and MMOs in Asia at

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016