Cut animals, dangerous magic, nasty undead-- what's not to like?

RPG Vault has a good interview with Matt Mihaly about his upcoming game Earth Eternal. It's a great introduction if you haven't been following this title closely.

In total, Earth Eternal will include 16 anthropomorphic races that inhabit a version of our planet primarily adapted from various myths and legends. The persistent state world will reportedly include familiar locations like the Eiffel Tower and the Rock of Gibraltar, but with only limited similarities to their actual counterparts. For example, the former, covered in ivy and vines, stands within a great forest, while the latter is a foothold for the Anubian Empire, which seeks to conquer Europe, and has launched an invasion. Early last month, we received news that the endeavor had been spun off from developer and publisher, Iron Realms to a sister company, Sparkplay Media. This prompted us to check in with its Matt Mihaly, CEO and Creative Director, who was good enough to bring us up to date by answering our questions for this interview.

Read more at RPG Vault.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016