The stakes are high in this PvP-centric shooter designed to give players an experience never offered before in an MMOG. And the stakes are just as high for Masthead Studios, as they plow forward with an incredibly ambitious project, in such an unforgiving sub-genre.

Additional open-ended content includes the complete lack of a class-based system that restricts your initial choices to just a few types of equipment or skills, as well as a player-ran economy that can respond to the supply and demand of a living community of gamers as they struggle for dominance over one another. Earthrise will also feature territorial PvP conflicts and resource ownership, as well as customizable guild bases.

With this game's launch date right around the corner, we figured we'd kick some of the tires and see how it played. Join us as we dig into this post-apocalyptic landscape, in a hands-on Preview of Earthrise!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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