Star Wars Galaxies vs. a KotOR MMO

IPeople have been spreading the rumor of a Knights of the Old Republic MMO like wildfire. The Star Wars franchise is incredibly popular, but how will the existing Star Wars MMO, Star Wars Galaxies, fare against a newcomer? Chris "Spare" Higgins tries to answer than question in this TTH editorial!

“Both of the single player Knights of the Old Republic RPGs were based in the 3950 BBY (Battle before Yavin) timeframe. The 3900s is when we see a firestorm of activity happening in the Star Wars Universe. In a 50 year span, there are two Sith wars and the Mandalorian Wars. This gives any game company a virtual smorgasbord of content. The availability of three factions who truly hate each other also provides a lot of player-based content through PvP and role-play. No matter where this game would pick up in this timeline, writers would be able to write a new chapter in the Star Wars Universe with ease.”

The editorial can be viewed in its entirity here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016