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In this week's editorial Byron "Messiah" Mudry takes a look at the current push on PvP competition by Blizzard and asks the question, "Is there any way for non-PvP / Raiders to compete?". As the PvP aspect grows a significant portion of the Warcraft audience has been left out of this competitive e-sport, simply because they dislike PvP. To many players that play an MMOG they play for the social and cooperative aspects. While raiding is an outlet for some, where they compete against progression, there are many other players out there that simply do not have the time that raiding requires. Yet these players still want an opportunity to better their group play abilities. Why should they be left out?

"Messiah" and a group of guild mates recently found an outlet for their competitive nature. Are "Timed Heroics" for you and your friends?

That's right, we started doing timed heroic instances for fun and competition. We started this by accident, when we noticed one day that we were blazing thought heroic Hellfire Ramparts. Someone looked at the time when we were done and said "Cool we did that in 45 minutes". Being a competitive group, one of us bragged "Betcha' we could do in less than 35 tomorrow". Needless to say, everyone was online early the next day eagerly awaiting the others to try. We did it in 34 minutes, then 30 the next day and then 26, which is our current record.

Read all about it in the Editorial - Competitive non-raid PvE and then visit our forums to voice your opinion on this. Better yet, do you have a record time in a heroic?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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